Freeze Dried Fruits

HEALTHY SNACK: Natural fruits dried by freeze drying technology, which ensure the preservation of natural taste, colour and nutrients. The perfect healthy snack you can’t resist.

LIGHT AND CRUNCHY: Freeze dried fruits has light and crunchy texture not like other heat dried fruits.

VEGAN & DIABETIC FRIENDLY: All of our snacks are vegan, sugar-free and diabetic friendly. Free of all additives and perfect for all family members.  


Mixed Red Berries

Just Yellow Corn

LOW CALORIE: Our snacks are low in calories and naturally high in fibre. Great for diabetics and those looking for healthy alternatives.

GREAT ON THE GO: Our handy packs are great to eat in office or school. Pop them in your bag and they’ll be there when you need to avoid the usual sugary snacks.

Mixed Berrries

Green Apple


Freeze Dried Banana

High quality fruits dried by freeze drying technology from Turkey origin packed into handy single serving packs.

A healthy low carbohydrates crispy snack that makes you feel full and supports your immune system with vitamins and antioxidants.

100% natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors and no added sugar

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