I am Abdalla Ahmed founder of NOORBEST®. I spent most of my early career working in the Academia with 20+ years of experience in biomedical research & teaching. However, few years back I got the feeling that I need to do something different. Therefore, beside my work as academic, and in the mid of 2014, I started my own consultancy and trading business in the area of my specialty. In fact, I did not make much money, but I was enjoying the new learning experience.
Starting from the end of 2017, I changed my science consultancy and training business and I started working from scratch in completely different industry. This was the time when my first experience in the food & beverage business was started.
The main objective of working in food & beverage business in to develop and manufacture finished or semi-finished products with added value to both businesses and consumers. My business idea is to promote the African botanical functional abstracts by increasing the demand to these valuable raw species, which will result in direct positive impact on African farmers and producers.
Africa is rich in many functional botanical extracts such as Hibiscus, Baobab, Gum Arabic, Moringa and many more. These healthy species can be translated into many innovative food, beverage and even beauty products. Unfortunately, most of these valuable plant species are exported as raw materials and most of this business profit margin goes to the exporters, but not the farmers and producers. In addition, the poor infrastructure and lengthy export procedure increases the cost of exporting, which results in low competitive price advantage. Therefore, the creation of an added values to these natural products will increase the demands at farming level and improve the competitive advantage of exported products as well.
Although Africa is harboring substantial amount of the world reserve of these botanical species, only a tiny fraction of these species finds their way onto the shelves as finished food, beverage or beauty products.
NOORBEST® aim in bringing the benefits of these unique and remarkable natural products to consumers worldwide. When you consume any NOORBEST® you will not only enjoy the great authentic taste and the unique health benefits, but you will be making a direct contribution to the millions of small producers who cultivate them these remarkable species.
This is our NOORBEST® story.

Blends of high-quality natural hibiscus enriched with carefully selected natural flavors are the secret of the unique taste of NOORBEST®

Special recipes were developed and filled in state-of-the-art filling facilities in Europe.

noorbest is a great gift from the nature with an amazing health benefits

Instant Hibiscus

Natural Hibiscus

natural hibiscus

Natural Ingredients

Great Natural Flavors ​

Want to try Hibiscus?

It is easy! You can prepare a perfect cup of Hibiscus tea is few minutes. Just add cold or hot water to the noorbest dried Hibiscus flowers and brew it for five minutes. Hibiscus tea has a sour taste that is very similar to cranberry juice. If you prefer sweet drinks, you can add sugar or honey. Read more

You can also try adding any preferred spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger depending on your taste or you can try one of our great flavored blends. Hibiscus ginger tea is a popular flavor as there is a balance of tartness of the flower and spiciness of the ginger.

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